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About Us

Neoactive International is a professional company in product development and manufacturing services for human-friendly-operation content, hardware-based products and equipment.
With strongest R&D and manufacturing ability, finest product realization processes and a global infrastructure and supply chain, Neoactive International helps many companies by designing and manufacturing breakthrough hardware-based products that lead to profitable, enduring lines of business.

Neoactive Focus
Neoactive International’s value and expertise have developed special market-leading expertise in the following markets:
• OEM parts: sheet-metal parts, stamping parts, die-casting parts, machining parts.
• Slot machine/Gaming
• Kiosks
• Banking
• Medical
• Transportation

Neoactive Services
Neoactive delivers project management process, product development and manufacturing services to meet a specific client needs. Neoactive engaged different aspects from customer side and scientific knowledge in the product development process and subsequently obtain deliverables ranging from concept designs and analysis and prototypes to a fully manufactured product.
Typical services include:
• Turnkey Product Development & Manufacturing
• Concept Development
• Modeling & Analysis
• Prototyping
• DFX Engineering (Design for Cost, Assembly, Manufacturability, Testability, Reliability, Serviceability)
• Validation & Verification
• Regulatory Testing & Certification
• Contract Manufacturing

We do integration based on your request of OEM or ODM. We have the best and strongest team focusing on parts design,from the ID proposal, mechanical design, electronics integration to finished product and software testing.
We offer the most cost-effective services and get you the most competitive!


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